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Engage to deliver better business performance
This next generation employee engagement
app will help you:
  • Maximise workforce effectiveness and efficiency
  • Get everyone working towards common goals
  • Focus the efforts of your workforce to maximise productivity and profitability
  • Deliver change faster
  • Retain and motivate your people
  • Demonstrate ROI on your events and internal communication campaigns
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Engage with your business challenges
Create greater focus
Easily track how well your people really understand your key messages, by role, function, site, etc. over time, so you know where you are getting through and where you are not
Connect more effectively
Simply tune in to what your people are actually talking about via our innovative 'word on the street' informatics to help you position your communications and align your stakeholders
Monitor the mood
Get up-to-the-minute insights on how your people feel, for example as your change programme gathers pace, to enable you to address the hotspots
Make better decisions
Harness concrete data to quickly and accurately target your activities, human resources and budget in real time - not when it is all too late
Drive direct feedback
Hear about the challenges at the coalface and recommendations for improvement, openly, honestly and without being edited through the ranks, so you can choose the action to take
Recognise excellence
Use the intelligence that Engage delivers to thank your and / or reward colleagues, highlight best practice and reinforce the behaviours that you want to see in your business
Engage delivers:
For the organisation
  • Innovative at-a-glance informatics
  • Engagement excellence leader boards
  • User friendly drill downs
  • Target audience segmentation options
  • User-friendly and
    intuitive interfaces
For the employee
  • The opportunity to
    have your say
  • A direct channel to
  • The prospect of raising your profile
  • The chance to shape
    the future
  • Recognition for what
    you know
  • Access anytime,
    anywhere, via your
    mobile device
  • Anonymity options